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Lumi Dental is a modern, innovative dental prosthesis technology and product company that serves its customers with a wide range of dental prosthetics and other healthcare products, such as face masks and protective equipment.

Lumi Dental Oy (FI27250499)
Elannontie 5
01510 Vantaa

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Vantaa: Elannontie 5, 01510 Vantaa
Varkaus: Satakunnankatu 7, 78300 Varkaus

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Face Mask Manufacturing

Lumi Dental Oy (Lumi Medical)
Satakunnankatu 7
78300 Varkaus

We have begun manufacturing face masks under the brand name Lumi Medical. We will produce high-quality hospital grade, CE approved face masks to the capacity of a million masks per month. The goal is to achieve as high level of domesticity in both mask materials and packaging as possible.

The masks are EN14683 Type II and Type IIR face masks. Type II face masks are of the highest protection class with a protection level of >98 % making them suitable for hospital use.


Jorgos Kostis
+358 40 014 8672

Pekka Nykänen
+358 40 014 8766

Teemu Sutinen
+358 400 551 886


Ismo Korhonen
Production Manager
+358 400 170 748